The Tidemills at Bishopstone

Between Newhaven And Seaford on the south coast of England, Tidemills and its History.

The Radio Station

In 1899 the idea of a cross channel radio service was conceived.Its use being to inform of safe arrival and departures or delays. At that time , in order to have the necessary shore staff (porters, Customs etc)available on arrival a flag code was used (lights at night) indicating the passener type and numbers. The Station was actually set up in 1904 and running by 1905, it was a further 7 years before ship to shore communications were set up. The site was owned and operated by Marconi Radio Co and later moved into the Harbour area 

Operator E Shoebridge in the shack about 1912, in June 1908 the mast was struck by lightning and the set exploded injuring the operator H Prout

The Mast


   Looking across Mill Creek to the Aerial anf Air Station Hangars                    Base of the aerial in July 2006


The Aerial and Radio shack on the right